Ice Cream Flavour Recipe


Ice Cream Recipe
This recipe is for those who have all the ingredients at hand
Ice Cream Recipe
This recipe is for those who have milk and cream available
Ice Cream Recipe
This recipe is for those who have milk but no cream available
Ice Cream Recipe
This recipe is for those to whom milk and cream is not available
Ice Cream Making Video

Ice Cream Making Video

Ice Cream Making Video

1. Mix all ingredients with blender / mixer.
2. Freeze the mix for 2 hours and hand-mix.
3. Stir well in 4 hours and freeze overnight.

1. Mix all ingredients with blender / mixer.
2. Pour in soft serve ice cream maker.

1. Pour all ingredients in Pasteuriser.
2. Start Pasteurizing and aging process.
3. Pour in batch freezer and freeze.

Cold Process - LG10 is perfect for simple cold process in Home use and soft serve. Our ingredients do not have to be pasteurised as they are already gone through heated mix process. Milk and cream sold in retail within UK and EU is already pasteurised. Home use make ice cream in small amount and it is not for sale in retail.

Hot Process - Bulk ice cream producers purchase their milk and cream direct from farms, and milk and cream they buy is ‘raw’ not pasteurised and it may contain harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning. Bulk ice cream producers have to use pasteuriser to pasteurise the product in order to produce large amount of ice cream to sell in retail. We also recommend any ice cream producers large or small outside the European Union to pasteurise the mix before making the ice cream.


Lumpy ice cream?

Please use an electric mixer or hand blender to mix all ingredients in your recipe, which breaks down the lumps and clumps to form a smooth mixture without wasting any of the powder.

Reduce the dosage to 5gr LG Powder per litre of your white mix. You can increase or decrease the dosage according the mix. So, if you are making lots of different flavours and are adding paste or fresh fruit into the mix, then maximum dosage is 6g or 7g LG Powder per litre of your mix.

Please remember, you cannot make high quality or professional ice cream by leaving the mix in a domestic freezer without use of ice cream machine. Nevertheless, with the right freezing and stirring process you can make your own tasty ice cream.

If you are making ice cream first time, do not rush for comments, gain more experience with practice. You only get perfect results with practice, real experience and the right combination of recipe.


Essential components of ice cream

Ice Crystals - The main goal in making ice cream is to keep the size of the Ice Crystals down as much as possible.
Fat - from Milk and Cream improves density and the smoothness of texture and generally increases flavour.
Sweets - such as sugar, honey or syrup improve the body and lower the freezing point of the mix and stops freezing ice cream rock solid.
Emulsifiers and Stabilisers (LG Powder) - help combine ingredients together, improve the structure and reduce the melt-down speed of the ice cream. They are mixtures composed from various extractions of oils, sweeteners and various vegetable fibre and protein.
Air - is incorporated at freezing point

Basic Steps of Making Gelato/Hard Ice Cream

Ice cream base mix - there are a lot of variations in preparing the mix. We provide here typical recipe (LG Ice Cream Base Powder Recipe) with balanced proportions for the base. Quality ice cream contains more dairy fat and less infused air, making it denser, richer, stable and smoother ice cream.
Pasteurisation - is essential for commercial ice cream production and an important part of any preparation of raw eggs in custard based ice cream. Ice Cream base mix is heated to about 80° Celsius and stirred to enhance the emulsion of fat into the ice cream base, and then the base should be chilled rather quickly.
Ageing / Maturing - for the best results ice cream base is given time (between 4-24 hours) to age and mature in fridge temperature before freezing. Allow your base mix to mature overnight in the fridge, as this will improve the final texture of the ice cream considerably.
Freezing - use ice cream maker whether domestic ice cream maker or commercial batch freezer, it makes no difference. The ice cream base is pumped into a metal barrel and surrounded by a very cold refrigerant. During the churning, the base is being frozen.
Hardening - after the freezing, you have created ice cream! However, fresh out of the churning-step, ice cream is actually only about half-frozen and may need some further time in a freezer to gain more stability.

Make your own ice cream and have fun!

Home-made ice cream typically freezes harder than it would if kept in the dedicated ice cream freezers of an ice cream parlour. If your Ice Cream was in deep freezer overnight then please leave your ice cream out from freezer for 5 minutes for your ice cream to be firm enough to scoop well and yet still smooth.

LG Ice Cream Base Powder Recipe will allow you to go a long way. Don’t forget that most fruits require various additional amounts of sugar to come across nicely in ice cream. Try them, compare them, and add flavouring and mix-ins as you like.

Hygiene is essential! Keep things clean and do not give the pesky bacteria any chance to invade your ingredients.

Ingredients in our LG Powder Ice Cream Base product are simple and original. They are made from six types of various sugar emulsifiers and vegetable fibre and vegetable protein as stabilizers.

We proudly call LG Powder proper Kosher, Halal and Gluten Free. It is also suitable for vegetarians with the use of dairy products. There is No egg yolk and No gelatin in our product.

Please remember, you cannot leave the mix in a domestic freezer and expect high quality or professional ice cream. To make professional ice cream - you have to use ice cream machine whether soft serve or commercial batch freezer, it makes no difference.

Ice cream made with water is not the same as the ice cream made with fresh milk and fresh cream. Ice Cream made with LG Powder and fresh Milk and Cream is more luxurious than regular water based soft ice cream.

*Please strictly follow the ingredients, without adding, subtracting, or exchanging it

Product Type: Ice Cream Base
Flavor: Dairy Creamy Ice Cream
Storage: Cool and Dry Place
Packaging: Food grade strong aluminium foil stand up zip-lock bags
Freezing: It is suitable for deep freezer storage
Shelf Life: 24 months
Weight (kg): 100gr up to 25kg